To visit London, near King’s Cross is the perfect place. The intersection of six lanes, including the tube of the North Line, Piccadilly, and the circles, to name a few, can make you almost like King’s Cross. King’s Cross is also a terminal railroad, in case you are going to visit the north of the United Kingdom. But let’s not go back to London through King’s Cross. London, the cultural fusion, offers superb shops and a variety of what you want. Located close to London’s main shopping area, both commercial and handcrafted, King’s Cross is a convenient place to shop in London. The city is also a magnet for the great minds and creative, as it is known by all the thinkers, writers and artists who come both and London. A wide range of museums and galleries reflects this field of intellectual reproduction, and once again, King’s Cross is a leap, hop and leap from many world-renowned museums. A less conventional ride to start from the King cross can include the round Garden City, exploring the large nets the tube itself, or the nearest hotspot to nightlife. So whether it’s shopping, rich culture, or looking for an exciting exploration, King’s Cross station will guide you quickly and efficiently.

For the customer! Have breakfast and morning (you need energy) and put you on the North Line, heading towards Camden Town, where you will find the open market that sells art, crafts, clothing, accessories and more. We recommend spending time here in the morning because it is not the safest area in the evening. Once you accumulate original crafts rewards on the market, go back to your hotel, lower them, and return to the tube! Via the Piccadilly, at Covent Garden, an internal market, and the surrounding area, full of shops, shops and cafes are nice. This wonderful market makes a delicious lunch stop, with a cozy restaurant nearby. Piccadilly Circus comes next: highly marketed, with many famous brands. Piccadilly is a nice place to go back to the evening because the lights shooting pub and revelers for them like moths to a flame! Go to the Knightsbridge Harrod store to see the world famous. After this detour, go to Oxford Circus to join the crowd of many who admire and buy a wealth of Oxford Street, which is the equivalent of the Fifth Avenue of New York, a street of luxurious boutiques of department stores interspersed with chic shopping. If your shopping needs are still not satiated, refer to other markets, such as Portobello, or just walking to London, you will find gems hidden in stores throughout the city. However, if Oxford Street summed up the shopping day with good for you, go back to the subway at Oxford Circus, and the Victoria line will soon take you back to King’s Cross.

For culture researchers, you will start your day in the opposite direction with the client. Go to Piccadilly Line south of Russell Square, and only a few blocks south of the Square shadow is British Museum. After your trip, you can also enjoy Covent Garden Theatre-History and see a list that can pull you back in the evening. Nearby is Trafalgar Square, the House of the National Gallery. From there, go to Green Park, and panting at the size and beauty of Buckingham Palace. The change of the guard occurred nearby, in order to check the calendar of the season if you are interested. Bring the Jubilee line to Southwark, and enjoy the Tate Modern and the Globe Theatre. Walk north of the river to Tower Hill, and explore the Tower of London. Take the line of the circle back to King’s Cross to conclude cultural circle.

Adventurers who want to learn the city randomly find interesting things can enjoy the park’s stroll to the park, always a good thing for people watching and discovering the various inhabitants of London. The governors, Hyde, Green and St. James Parks are the main ones, each one has a distinctive personality. The tube itself is very interesting, and it is good to read an entertaining tube advertisement, listen to some talented and not talented musicians, choose who for the tourists and the natives who … tube it can be very fun during your holiday. Travel. Enjoy being in the unique London World Sub This! King’s Cross is also close to Leicester Square and Piccadilly Night areas, both popular. Or try the circumference of a circle of the loop and see how many pubs you can manage to stop at … after that, see if you managed to find the way back to King’s Cross in this concentric lines!

King’s Cross, recently made famous by the 9 ¾ Harry Potter platform, more than just a fictitious train platform. This is the resort that will really take you anywhere in London (and beyond) with great ease. If you visit London to shop, to learn the culture, or just to explore it for the face value, the King Cross is the starting point and the end of the best. You will arrive at the place where you need to go quickly, and at the end of a long day, you don’t have to wait long to get back to your home, London home.


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