The Tate Modern and the Battle for London’s Soul

As luxury condos proliferate across London, the evolving Tate Modern provides a model for the city’s public spaces. I recently found myself staring into a stranger’s living room, waiting for something beautiful to happen. I was...

Where to See (Really See) the Art of Maya Lin

Maya Lin’s breakout moment came like a thunderbolt at the start of her career in 1981, when she was still an undergraduate at Yale and her design was chosen for the high-profile Vietnam Veterans Memorial in...

Francine Prose’s Oaxaca: An Immersion Course in Mexico’s Delights

When friends visiting Mexico for the first time ask me where to begin, I tell them: Go to Oaxaca, one of the most scenically beautiful, historically interesting and simply enjoyable cities south of the border....

Guide To Travel London Through King’s Cross station

To visit London, near King's Cross is the perfect place. The intersection of six lanes, including the tube of the North Line, Piccadilly, and the circles, to name a few, can make you almost...

2018 Tour Announcement: Travel With Me To Kamchatka, Russia!

You guys have been asking to travel with me for years, now I’m finally going to make it happen! Join me this spring for my first adventure travel & photography tour to Kamchatka.

Inside The West Bank: The Troubled City Of Hebron

Stepping off the gloomy bus into bright midday sun, my eyes slowly adjust to an unfamiliar place. Dark armoured glass shields you from everything, not just bullets.

What Are The Most Important Religious Sites In Jerusalem?

Jerusalem is one of the oldest & holiest cities in the world, home to important religious sites for Muslims, Jews, and Christians. These are the most sacred ones.

Milan’s Bizarre Church Of Human Skulls

San Bernardino alle Ossa is a creepy church in Milan decorated with human skulls. However this Italian bone church has an interesting history.

Waves For Change: Community Outreach Through Surfing

Volunteering in Cape Town with Waves for Change was a highlight of my trip to South Africa. They use surfing to provide health and education support for township kids.

My Caveman Experience: Squatting With Gypsies

There’s a remarkable community of gypsy travelers who squat inside abandoned caves in Spain. This is the unusual story of my night couchsurfing with them.

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