A Journey Through Madagascar: Notes on the Privilege of Travel

We travelers are a lucky bunch. It’s easy to forget just how privileged we are to be able to travel the world. The truth is, most people rarely even leave their own country, let alone visit destinations all over the globe. My recent visit to Madagascar reminded me that it’s important to keep this perspective in mind, and to give back to organizations that help the places we visit.

How to Travel Around Madagascar

Madagascar. It’s more than an incorrect (but fun) DreamWorks movie. Located off the eastern coast of Africa, this island, nearly the size of France and the third largest in the world, has a population over 20 million but sees only about 325,000 tourists a year.1 I spent two weeks there with Intrepid Travel Travel and […]

The Top Things to See and Do in Madagascar

Madagascar, a country famed for lemurs, baobab trees, birding, and jungles, offers visitors a rich playground to explore. I was enthralled by its beauty: the sweeping canyons and gorges, the grand waterfalls, and the sheer diversity of the landscape. One day you’re in a tropical jungle, the next you’re in an arid plain, and a […]

10 Books that Will Inspire You to Visit Africa

In this guest post, Cameron and Natasha from The World Pursuit share their favorite books about Africa. Insightful, inspiring, heartbreaking, and everything in between, these books will tempt you to book a trip to the continent so you can see first-hand just how extraordinary it is!

30 Epic Photos From My Trip to Madagascar

Madagascar. The name conjures up a land of wild nature, mystical and unexplored. With only 350,000 visitors per year, Madagascar is one of the most well-known but least visited African nations. I recently had the opportunity to visit the country with Intrepid Travel. Here’s what is discovered!

24 Photos from My Safari to Kruger National Park

During my recent visit to South Africa, I went on safari in Kruger National Park with Intrepid Travel. It was three days of sweeping vistas and incredible animals. It’s like a zoo but in real life and better. In this post, I share my favorite photos from the trip as well as some tips on how to make the most out of your visit.

10 Epic Films to Inspire You to Visit Africa

Welcome to the latest Africa related post by our resident experts Natasha and Cameron from The World Pursuit. While I’ve been to the continent in the past (and I’m actually there right now!), I’ve only seen a few countries, whereas these two spent close a year driving around the continent. This month, they share their favorite […]

7 Common Myths About Traveling Africa – And Why They Are Wrong

In this guest post, Kristin Addis from Be My Travel Muse breaks down the seven most common myths about traveling around Africa. Relying on her years of experience on the continent, Kristin proves that Africa is not just a beautiful destination but one that is safe, accessible, and budget friendly!

How to Travel Around Namibia on a Budget

In this guest post, Natasha and Cameron from The World Pursuit share their tips and tricks for traveling around Namibia on a budget. Whether you are considering a guided tour, renting a car, or even hitchhiking, this post will help you plan your visit without breaking the bank!

The Best Way to Travel Around Southern Africa

Planning a trip to southern Africa? Wondering how to make it happen? Find out the best (and cheapest!) way to explore the continent on a budget! The writers from The World Pursuit are here to share budget tips for how to get around Southern Africa with a few different transportation options.

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