The Unbelievable Pink Lakes Of Las Coloradas In Mexico

Hidden away on the tip of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is a magical place full of color. These stunning cotton-candy pink lakes filled with salt are called Las Coloradas.

I’m Going To Afghanistan

After a year of extensive planning, I’m heading into the mountains of Afghanistan. And you can follow along.

Lofoten Islands Photography: Arctic Winter Wonderland

Norway’s remote Lofoten Islands provide the perfect setting for incredible photography opportunities, with soft winter light and majestic mountain landscapes rising from the sea.

Cliffs Of Insanity! Visiting Ireland’s Cliffs Of Moher

A cold wind blows as I walk along the legendary Cliffs of Moher. Ireland’s most famous landmark rises dramatically out of the ocean, waves crashing into rocks far below.

Greenland’s Arctic Circle Trail: PART 4

Carefully trying to pick my way across a marsh, I sink into a deep pocket of mud up to my shins. This wet terrain is a regular hazard on the Arctic Circle Trail.

Whitewater Kayaking Down The Pemi River

Charging forward through a wall of spray, I make a quick S-turn ducking away from a boulder as the drop approaches. Powerful whitewater churns 10 feet below.

Scuba Diving With Sharks (No Cage!) In South Africa

The ocean around me is filled with sharks. In just a few minutes, the sea has become thick with them, and now they’re approaching me from all directions.

River Surfing In Montreal: Not Your Typical Surf Trip

When you think of Canada, does surfing come to mind? In the city of Montreal it’s possible to surf perpetual waves on the mighty Saint Lawrence River.

Learning How To Sail Around Key West

Slicing through emerald water under the sun, we speed into the backcountry with full sails & wide smiles. Dolphins play off the port bow.

Fortress Of Solitude: Unbelievable Crystal Ice Caves In Iceland

We crawl slowly on hands & knees into a long frozen chamber, under a brilliant cathedral of crystal blue waves. Superman would feel right at home in Iceland’s ice caves.

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