How to Play, Feed, Bathe, and Protect the Elephants in Thailand

Elephants have long been important in Thailand, where they are a symbol of religion, history, royalty, and power. According to Buddhist legend, Queen Maya of Sakya, Lord Buddha’s mother, dreamed that a divine Bodhisattva on a white elephant touched her side. She later became pregnant, and since then, elephants have had a strong connection to […]

My In-Depth Guide to Experiencing the Maldives

I’ve always been interested in seeing the Maldives and, last month, I finally went! I saw both of sides of the tourism here: the famous resorts and the new budget travel trail. Along the way, I learned a lot about this country, it’s current tourism problems, and how to travel around on a budget.

My Favorite Cheesy and Overrated Tourist Activities (And Why I Love...

Here’s a secret: I love being a cheesy tourist. As much as I love getting off the beaten path and learning about local cultures, sometimes I love the artificial world the mainstream travel industry has created. I think a lot of people think too deeply about travel, as if every moment on the road has […]

Affordable Vacation Rentals In Playa Del Carmen

The more I travel, the more I find myself staying in long-term apartments or vacation rentals over hotels. Like this beautiful place I used last week in Playa del Carmen.

A Personal Guide To Travel to Rotorua, New Zealand

Rotorua Travel This article is a basic guide to visiting Rotorua and evaluating the major sites in the county. If you only have one day in...

What I Loved (and Hated) About My Cruise

So what does this nomadic backpacker think of the cruise he went on? IT WAS AWESOME. It was so enjoyable that when it came time to head home, I didn’t want to leave. I missed it. I was surprised, because before I left, I didn’t really have high expectations for my cruise. After all, a […]

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