The Silfra Fissure: Ice Cold Snorkeling In Iceland

Snorkeling in Iceland? Tectonic plates are breaking Iceland apart at Silfra, creating a fissure flooded with crystal clear 35°F degree glacial water.

YouTube Travel Videos: 17 Best Channels To Follow

Check out these amazing YouTube travel videos from around the world. The best travel channels will inspire you to explore new countries and cultures.

Trekking The Arctic Circle Trail In Greenland

Standing alone on Greenland’s barren ice cap in complete silence, you’re hit with the reality of how remote this place is. Smiling, I hike West as snow begins to fall.

Busting the Budget in Bordeaux

I knew Bordeaux was going to be expensive. I was here last year to visit friends and got to experience Bordeaux’s high prices first hand. Coming back, I knew I’d have to budget a lot. Bordeaux is an upscale city—a city for shopping, drinking, and eating. It sits in the center of the world-famous wine […]

Short-Term Rental Experience in NYC with Roomorama

Staying in hotels all the time can become expensive. That’s why I try to avoid them whenever possible. On my recent trip to New York City, I decided to rent someone else’s apartment for a change.

Holy #*&@! Jumping Out Of Airplanes Over Fiji

Tony yelled something to me. But I couldn’t hear him over the roar of the engine. “Are you ready?” he screams. Ah, not really — 14,000 feet is a long way down…

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